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This and That w/ Steve & KT Smith

Feb 25, 2020

Hang on tight! We have a great show lined up with guest Brandon Lee Adams and Johnny Staats joining us 30 minutes into the show. 

Feb 5, 2020

Steve & KT talk about their trip to Nashville. How Steve thinks there is no such things as too much Bluegrass but KT isn't so sure. Tune in to hear it all! 

Jan 21, 2020

It was Dolly Parton's birthday over the weekend so of course we have to celebrate. Meanwhile- Steve shares some funny confessions. 

Jan 14, 2020

And Bingo was his name OHHHH. Hear about Steve and KT's Bingo adventures this past weekend. In between they are bringing you some new Country songs- a mix of Bluegrass and of course don't forget Dolly. 

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Jan 7, 2020

Tune in and hear Steve & KT talk about MySpace- yep- it is still a thing! We couldn't believe it either. As usual spinning the country tunes on the radio of yesterday and today- plus a dash of Dolly.